• Acabinet E

    Renaissance cabinet late 16th century - Languedoc origin.
    The marquetry decorations are in country wood, oak, acacia, poplar and boxwood on a walnut background.
    Technical realization "tarcia certosina".

  • Commode XVIII

    Complete realization with the same manufacturing techniques of the time of the panel of the missing door.

  • Guéridon restauration before

    Pedestal table in mahogany, Louis-Philippe period.

  • Guéridon after

    The same table after restauration of the piece and its floral design in parchment.
    The whole dating from 1842.

  • Ecritoie écaille de tortue

    Restauration of a Napoleon III writing table.
    Brass and tortoise shell.

  • Detail

    Restoration of a Boulle marquetry and engraving on a Louis XIV cartel.

  • Un coffre du XVIeme

    Cleaning and infiltration work undertaken for national museums on a 16th century chest.

  • Cylindre E

    Louis XVI cylinder desk - Detail decor before cleaning and after restoration.

  • Clock E

    Clock - style Louis XIV

  • Appui E

    Napoléon III style cabinet in brass and blackened pear.

  • Jardi E

    Restoration of a XIXth century planter, important work on floral marquetry tray.