• Macaron


    The smallest of our box that combines palm, velvet leather and precious wood.

  • KUB


    Aesthetics and functionality.
    The curve highlights the palm decor on the facade and the slight curve on the top of the lid.
    The purity of the drawing by Christian Thierry Drevelle magnifies the work of the cabinetmaker.

  • Tamo E


    A parenthesis, a way to take the time.
    A beautiful essence of wood that comes from the Land of the rising sun.
    It was my inspiration for this playful object and I already know that Tamo will become a faithful companion.

  • Fang E


    A tribute to these ethnic groups in Africa, A true inspiration for twentieth-century artists.
    "Fang" is dressed with palm pearls and a long ebony defense to mark its opening.
    A strength and power inspired by this people.

  • Douro E


    A getaway in Porto.
    My inspiration is first of all a bridge, unique, a realization of Gustave Eiffel, a metal structure whose main feature is a huge curve that connects the two banks of the Douro.

  • Kollur E


    Kollur, this mine in India where was found in the eighteenth century one of the largest diamonds in the world.
    Brightness, transparency and luminosity perfectly reflect the history of this new showcase.
    In resin crystal and precious wood.

  • Alejandro


    Cigar humidor - Top in palm tree and ebony nets.
    Japanese Sen Model and Black Macassar Ebony

  • Black oak


    Box in black swamp oak. Its colour is due to a total immersion in a lake for more than 18 centuries. Decoration in red-stained white ebony from Laos treated with a high gloss varnish.
    Limited series